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Shop dos Cabelos was created in 2013 by Forever Liss (@foreverliss) as an online hair products store. We were given the mission to carry out its rebranding, with the aim of establishing its new positioning as an elegant, attractive and modern beauty marketplace. We work on these aspects from two perspectives: written and visual language.

These two pillars were built from the archetypes of the lover and the common guy, to bring a strong connection and approach with the clients. These concepts were our basis for the elaboration of a typography that aligned these two symbols. In this way, we chose letters with extreme contrast, sinuous curves and delicate endings to materialize the enveloping energy of the lover, and neutral and sans serif fonts, to bring the connection of the common guy.





We have also created a new logo inspired by the movement of a strand of hair, combining the brand's initials to reflect, in its nuances, the idea of aesthetics, self-esteem, and well-being of the target audience. Additionally, we have developed a cheerful, vibrant, and lively color palette, using orange and magenta to add youthfulness and dynamism to the brand.


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